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Ningbo Ouyi Xin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.Ningbo Ouyi Xin Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is based on Ningbo; innovation Zhiyuan global belief, open and enter the major domestic market, we are internationally recognized accountants, financial investment advisers and other leaders involved. Our projects are located in the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Canada, Japan, Seychelles, Virgin Islands and other global. Provide professional accounting, taxation, legal, intellectual property, international trade, advertising, certification, education and other advisory services. Is the enterprise to develop the global market development of the world's business partners necessary. We adhere to the most sincere heart, do the most professional services, so that integrity, professional, convenient and efficient, to provide customers with the necessary services.

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Zhejiang wheat field law firmZhejiang wheat field law firm is a lawyer team of Zhejiang province lawyer industry model lawyer, Ningbo outstanding lawyer, deputy secretary general of Ningbo city lawyer Lu Hongxia lawyer initiated the establishment of lawyer team. Wheat field uphold professional division of labor, team operation, to provide customers with all-round, multi-disciplinary, high standard of legal service concept, attention to the lawyer's business training and learning, training wheat field lawyers in the work of full cooperation, the spirit of teamwork, Resources for the wheat every customer dedicated to provide quality and efficient legal services.

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Ningbo Dixian International Freight Forwarding Co., LtdNingbo Dixian International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. was established in September 2, 2008, is approved by the State Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and made the Ministry of Transport issued by the NVOCC (NVOCC) qualification, set Sea, land and air transport as one of the integrated international logistics services business. At the beginning of the establishment, only a handful of employees work hard, although the business is difficult, but the sage by virtue of "create value, take care of employees, contribute to the community" business philosophy, repeated success; development so far, has become a strong The professional team, the perfect quality of first-class logistics enterprises, and with more than 20 world-class shipowners and more than 1,000 customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, regardless of quality of service or cargo capacity are among the industry's leading position.

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Ningbo Chengshi International Logistics Co., Ltdis approved by the Ministry of Commerce of an international freight forwarding business, registered capital

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Hangzhou Bearing Experimental Research Center Co., LtdHangzhou Bearing Experimental Research Center testing laboratory equipped with "Machinery Industry Bearing Product Quality Inspection Center (Hangzhou)" industry authorized institutions. The Laboratory has passed the National Accreditation Board of China Laboratory ISO / IEC

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enterprise certification

Zhejiang Saiwei Testing & Certification Co., Ltdmanagement system certification; certification training; product testing services, product testing technology services; measurement testing, calibration services; business management consulting; product certification consulting; commissioned by the customer, undertake inspection, inspection, testing, Education and information consulting services (excluding study abroad and consulting services, cultural and educational training, vocational skills training); information technology services; information technology services; information technology services; Business services planning; business image planning; market research;

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Agricultural Bank of ChinaThe Bank is one of the leading integrated financial services providers in China. It is committed to building a world-class commercial banking group with outstanding operating characteristics, efficient and convenient service, full-featured collaboration and outstanding value creation. With a comprehensive portfolio of business, a large distribution network and a leading technology platform, the Bank provides a wide range of corporate banking and retail banking products and services to our customers, as well as financial market operations and asset management business. The business scope covers investment banking, Fund management, financial leasing, life insurance and other fields.

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Ningbo Bank east branchAfter several years of business practice, Chengdong branch gradually formed its own operating characteristics and competitive advantage. Chengdong Branch to support the development of small and medium enterprises as their responsibility, adhere to the small and medium enterprises for their own target market, and constantly adjust and optimize the business structure, and further clarify the market position, give full play to their strengths and characteristics, and actively develop the SME market, Small and medium enterprises as the main body of the corporate customer groups, in particular the combination of regional market economic structure and characteristics, and actively promote the "golden pond" service brand and the corresponding "convenient integration", "loan Rong Rong", " , "Friends of the financial", "insured financial", "integrity of financial", "through the financial" and other market demand in line with small business financial products, strengthen the small business market expansion, good small business financial services. At the same time, the branch actively expand the high-end personal business, have launched a white collar, loan Autopass, gold abacus, business surplus card and a series of distinctive personal financial products.

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electronic payment

( Group's China's leading third-party payment flat

Tencent Group's China's leading third-party payment flatZhejiang Ant Little Micro Financial Services Group Co., Ltd

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Zhejiang Yong Yi Electronic Payment Co., LtdYongyi payment was established in July 2011, the state-owned holding enterprises, registered capital of one billion yuan, in June 2012 received the People's Bank of China issued a "payment business license", is currently the only payment business license in Ningbo enterprises , And is the only third-party online payment solution platform for payment of commodity transactions in Zhejiang Province. Easy to pay online to pay attention to the Internet + cross-border platform tailored personalized payment solution, leading the Internet + cross-border platform to pay the industry, innovative industry payment solutions for customers to provide one-on-one docking service, Ten different industries to provide customized personalized payment settlement solutions, payment systems and other third-party custody agent, covering the whole country. Easy payment is mainly provided for online payment / third party payment solution for personalized customization, funds third party depository, secured transaction payment, collection and payment service, Internet + cross-border innovation platform payment and tailored personalized mobile payment solution Program.

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one partner

Alibaba GroupProvides basic interconnection for businesses, brands and other businesses that provide products, services and digital content

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China People 's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Cixi Branch CompanyChina People's Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Cixi Center Branch, mainly engaged in property loss insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance and guarantee insurance and other RMB or foreign currency insurance business; all kinds of property insurance reinsurance business; state commissioned by the policy Sex insurance business; all kinds of property insurance and reinsurance services and consulting business; Acting other insurance companies for the business; national laws and regulations to allow the use of funds business; accident insurance business. We always adhere to the user first, the intention of serving customers, adhere to use their own services to impress customers, the company adhering to the "guarantee first-class quality, to maintain a reputation" business philosophy, adhere to the "customer first" principle for our customers to provide quality service.

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China Pacific Property Insurance Company Limited Cixi BranchChina Pacific Property Insurance Company Cixi branch is located in Hu Shan Ciyuan Road 456. The company has advanced business philosophy and advanced technology, in the firm "passion beyond the dream" under the faith, "integrity, Thanksgiving, efficient, team, innovation, communication, implementation" for the entrepreneurial spirit, we will climb the peak The We work hard, which requires our work will never be on time to complete the task of quality assurance, uphold low-key professional service spirit, and strive to pursue, do not seek meritorious, but no work objectives. Since the establishment of the company, has consistently adhered to "integrity cast quality", adhere to the professional, standardized, large-scale business philosophy. We adhere to the times, keep up with the pace of the times, advocating integrity-based, people-oriented.

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China Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. Cixi BranchChina Ping An Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. Room China's only one to insurance as the core, financial securities, trust, banking, asset management as an integrated financial group. "Forbes" in 2009 the world's top 500 ranked 141, out of the global insurance company eighth. China is now the leading international financial services group, is steadily moving towards the international stage of China Ping An will improve the governance structure, the international management team, the cohesion of the corporate culture, mature risk management, excellent products, services and Market capacity, and strive to build the company into a leading international financial services group of integrated financial services group. China Ping An Life first domestic personal life insurance marketing precedent, by virtue of advanced system, excellent business philosophy, attractive corporate culture training and construction of a professional staff, in business development, also established a backup, training, IT support Platform, a risk, group insurance, bank agent three channel system and a complete product system to meet the needs of individual customer service, from the traditional savings, security products, to non-traditional dividend, investment products for customers Provide a wide range of products and services.

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Asset valuation

Cixi Yongjing Assets Appraisal Co., LtdCixi Yongjing Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. is a re-development and re-quality enterprise. Has been stable and reliable product quality and good business reputation, and achieved the trust of our customers, followed by market trends, and constantly develop new products to meet the latest needs of our customers. All products are subject to internal quality standards. The company has been "warm and full, pioneering and innovative" for the work style, "customer first" as the basic principle, hope that through our professional level and make unremitting efforts for the majority of customer service. We believe that through our continuous efforts and the pursuit, will be able to achieve mutual benefit with the majority of customers win.

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