Evaluation Rule
Release time:2017-03-17

1. principles: to promote both fair and objective evaluation, real truthful based transactions, and other registered users in the shopping decision-making process and seller store process to provide reference, according to the "the sill bearing service agreement", "the sill bearing rules" and other related agreements and rules to formulate the rules.

2. scope of application: this regulation applies to all buyers and suppliers of the sill bearing networkwork.

3. level of effectiveness: "rules of the sill bearing networkwork", as stipulated in the rules of the competition and bearing networks, are not specified or specified in accordance with these rules, and shall be carried out in accordance with these rules.

4. the sill bearing networkwork evaluation: the sill bearing networkwork evaluation (referred to as "evaluation"), including "transaction evaluation" and "after sale evaluation" two parts.

Trading evaluation

5. entrance opening condition: the buyer and seller have the right to evaluate each other within 15 days of the success of the actual transaction.

6. transaction evaluation content: transaction evaluation including "shop score" and "credit evaluation"; "credit evaluation" includes "credit score" and "comment"; "comment" includes "literature review" and "picture comments".

7. shop score: store score is made by buyer to suppliers, including the quality of service, service attitude, logistics and other aspects of scoring indicators. Each store score was a dynamic index, and the arithmetic mean for all the scores in the preceding six consecutive months. Each natural month, the same buyers, suppliers transactions between suppliers, store scoring only 3 times before. Once the shop score is made, it cannot be modified.

8. credit points: in credit evaluation, evaluation if people give praise, is the evaluation of credit score increase of 1; if given a bad review, the credit score decreased 1 points; if given within 15 days in the assessment or evaluation of the two sides were not, the credit score unchanged. If the evaluation is favorably received, and the other party fails to evaluate it within 15 days, the credit rating of the evaluated person is increased by 1 points. The same buyer, supplier, within 14 days of the same commodity on more than one transaction, a number of praise only 1 points, and a number of negative assessment of only 1 points. Each natural month, the same buyer, supplier transactions between the two sides will increase the credit score of not more than 8 points.

9. additional comments: since the date of successful trading within 180 days (inclusive), the buyer may make additional comments after making a credit evaluation. The content of the additional comments shall not be modified nor will the credit score of the supplier be affected.

10. assessment reply: the person who is evaluated may make an explanation within 30 days from the time the evaluator makes comments or comments on the content.

11.evaluation modification: the appraiser may make a revision or deletion of the credit evaluation within 30 days after making the difference. After 30 days, the evaluation shall not be modified.

After-sale evaluation

12., the entrance open conditions: the buyer has the right to the actual transaction based on, after the completion of the sale process, the supplier after service evaluation, except for special types of orders.

13.evaluation content: Aftermarket evaluation by the supplier for the supplier's refund return, refund and other services evaluation, including processing speed, service attitude two scoring and a comment content.

14. aftermarket score: each aftermarket score is a dynamic index, the department store for 180 consecutive days after the average score of all arithmetic. If an order involves more than one transaction, each transaction that meets the opening conditions of the preceding entry may carry out a post sale evaluation. Each order is only taken as the most effective score and is included in the above arithmetic average. Each natural month, the same buy, seller transactions, aftermarket scoring only 3 times before. Aftermarket score once made, can not be modified.

evaluation processor

15. evaluation principles: the evaluation system in order to ensure the impartiality, objectivity and authenticity, this site will be limited to the use of technical means, illegal trading evaluation, evaluation, evaluation, improper malicious destruction of this website evaluation abnormal credit evaluation system, the involvement of registered users' right to resolutely combat behavior.

16. evaluation logic adjustment: the sill bearing networkwork will adjust the evaluation opening or calculation logic according to the operation needs of the platform.

17. illegal trading evaluation: evaluation of the sill bearing networkwork has the right to delete illegal transactions, including but not limited to the "the sill bearing networkwork rules" provisions of the bearing network released information, illegal cheat other people's property, false trading and other irregularities involving the corresponding evaluation orders.

18. malicious evaluation: such as suppliers, competitors etc. evaluation was found to give the behavior of malicious evaluation in assessment, such as negative comments for extra money or other improper benefits, this website or to delete the illegal evaluation evaluation.

19. improper evaluation:the sill bearing networkwork the right to delete or block contains transaction evaluation and customer service evaluation content in shitticism, advertising information, meaningless information, pornographic and vulgar content and other violation of public order and good customs information.

20.abnormal evaluation: the site of the investigation to the abnormal evaluation, can be carried out without scoring, shielding, delete and so on.

21. evaluation processing: according to the foregoing violations, in addition to do corresponding processing on the appraisal, this website will be taken depending on the circumstances of identity verification, evaluation content, evaluation, delete comments shielding restrictions limit the buyer behavior evaluation, treatment measures.

22. points can not be removed after recalculation: evaluation, bearing not for the evaluation of the remaining delete after re integral calculation.

23. evaluate complaints: the evaluated party shall make a complaint within 30 days after the evaluation has been made by the evaluation party; if the complaint is not made within the prescribed time period, the complaint shall not be accepted.

Supplementary Provisions

24. effective time: the rules came into effect in October 31, 2017.

25. rule applies: the evaluation of the seller's purchase of the sill bearing network occurs before the amendment of these rules; the rules at that time shall apply; the act of evaluation shall be governed by these rules after the entry into force of these rules.

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