Combating online fraud
Release time 2017-03-17

Internet fraud refers to, for the purpose of illegal possession, the method of using the Internet by using dummy fact or conceal the truth, diddle large amount of public or private property behavior.

Main points of network fraud prevention

There are many types of network fraud, and the measures to prevent Internet fraud still have certain unity.

(1) don't covet petty gain,

(2) using safe payment tool;

(3) during shopping carefully identifying, fortified;

(4) don't buy illegitimate products online, when trading, must understand the enterprise qualification certificate or a third party authority to produce qualified certificate;

(5) trust not require you to pay in the name of all kinds of information, don't lend his bank CARDS to others, don't put their own bank card number tell others;

(6) improve the ego to protect consciousness, pay attention to keep your personal information, don't reveal himself to others id number, account number, password, etc., avoid to use in public places such as Internet cafes online e-commerce services.

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