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Release time:2017-03-17
Account Management

When would you like to register as a member, we require you to select a user name and password, you can use your account through your password.If you spill the password, you may lost your personal identification information, and possible adverse consequences for you.Therefore, no matter any reason endanger your password safe, you should immediately relate this website customer service.

Member's information

When you register account, when the member certification, we require you to fill out a registry.Registry required to provide your real name, address, nationality, telephone number and E-mail address.In addition, you are required to provide the life of your company and your address, phone number and your company with a brief explanation of services and products.You also has the right to choose to fill in additional information.This information may include your company in the provinces and cities, time zone and postal code, fax number, home page and your position.Our information for membership statistics through registration.We will use these statistics to give our members classification, such as age, industries and countries, so that targeted to provide new services to our members and opportunities.We'll let you know by your email address to the new services and opportunities.

Credit cards

We have to pay for some of our service, so we will be reasonable for your credit card information.


We track the IP address for the truthfulness of the identity and transaction identification, safety and other meet the requirements of the state.If we didn't find any security issues, we will delete after 60 days we collected by the IP address.We also tracks throughout the page to access the data.Throughout the page to access the data are used to reflect the traffic, so that we can make plans for future growth (for example, increase the server).Because of your trading activity and other data, we will use these statistics to membership classification, so that targeted to provide new services to our members and opportunities.We'll let you know by your email address to the new services and opportunities.

Users restricted range

During the use of this web site, you shall not make any infringement of intellectual property in this website, or other damage and bearing network or other lawful rights and interests of the user behavior, including but not limited to:

(1) delete or modify the copyright information on this site.

(2) modify, copy, and/or issuance of this web site;

(3) in this web site of the built-in various plug-in or other third party programs;

(4) compile reverse engineering, decompiling, or otherwise cracking behavior on this site.

(5) the use of this web site plugin and/or use of this site BUG to get dishonest gain;

(6) using the hijack domain name server technology such as illegal intrusion, destroy the server software on this site, or to modify, add, delete, stealing, intercept, replace the client on this site, and/or server software system of data, or illegal use of this web site server space, or commit the other to overload operation behavior;

(7) of the counterfeit and bearing network or signing merchants in this web site of any fraud or false information;

(8) using this website deliberately spread malicious program or a computer virus.You have the right to comment in this web site, forward or reply to other users' comments, but you should ensure that the review real, objective and will not infringe any third party copyright, rights, reputation, privacy and other legal rights.Also, you may not use this web site the user comments released any advertising.

You shall abide by relevant state laws and regulations and shall not in published, forwarding or dissemination of this web site contains the following information:

(1) object to determine the basic principles of the constitution;

(2) endanger state security, leaking state secrets, subversion, undermine national unity;

(3) the damage to the nation's honor and interests;

(4) to incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;

(5) destroy the country's religious policy, promote cults and feudal superstition;

(6) spreading rumors, disturbing social order, undermine social stability;

(7) spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terrorism or abetting crime;

(8) insult or slander others, infringes upon the lawful rights and interests of others;

(9) containing other contents that are prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

personal account

Individual account is sill bearing networkwork authorization you use sill bearing web site only user management system certificate.sill bearing networkwork services and preferential benefits provided by the user management system, and to provide authorized users' personal use only.You agree to comply with the laws and regulations and the provisions of this clause using individual account, and bearing the net may in some cases (such as: your breach of this clause and/or other public rules, or you serious violation of social morality, providing false registration identity information, or other ACTS in violation of the prohibitive provisions of the law or harm the interests of the sill bearing networkwork of wrongdoing, etc.) under a temporary freeze, permanently frozen, modify, delete, or shall adopt other measures for dealing with your personal account.In particular, you understand and agree to, and bearing network user management system of service, preferential benefit provided by the individual account, such as ownership and bearing network, users in the meet and bearing network published under the premise of the rules of the right to use the above services and favourable benefits.In the process of use and bearing network service, if you or your personal account eschewed and bearing network management measures, or there is suspicion of fraud, commercial profit, inappropriate or dishonest use of services or other violation of this clause and/or other ACTS of public rules (including but not limited to, use cheats to obtain preferential benefits, sell personal account, hack, hack, etc.), and bearing network shall have the right to refuse to continue to provide service for you, permanent freezing your individual account, based on the specific circumstances and shall have the right to personal account due to the above means, such as the reset all virtual product.


Contact us

If you to this privacy statement or sill bearing networkwork privacy protection measures and the problems you are using any opinions and Suggestions, please contact us.

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