Legal Notices
Release time:2017-03-17

1.we all content, all the words, pictures and audio and video data, copyright belong to the game and bearing net all, any media, websites or individuals without this net agreement authorization shall not be reproduced, links, tweet, or copy released/published in other ways.Already this net agreement authorization media, website, when downloading use must indicate "the manuscript origin: sill bearing network", otherwise we will shall be investigated for responsibility according to law.Where the website authorized by other site content, does not mean that agree with his point of view or confirm the authenticity of its contents.

2. in addition to indicate "the manuscript origin: sill bearing networkwork", the contents of this website following nor any transfer:

a. this net points of the site content links to content;

b. has made may not be reproduced or shall not be reproduced without permission statement of content;

c. not signed by our website or our reference and reproduced works of others than our copyrighted content;

d. graphics, symbols, peculiar to this net page style, layout, procedures, etc.;

e. we must have a special authorization or has the qualification of registered users can know the content;

f. other law does not allow or we think are not suitable for reprint content.

3. reproduced or quoted this content must be based on a number or informative public free information for the purpose of reference to reasonable, goodwill, distortion will be made to this net content meaning, modifying, and at the same time you must retain this net marked "manuscript source", and own the copyright and other legal responsibility.

4. reproduced or quoted this net content shall not engage in activities which are as follows:

a. damage this net or the interests of others;

b. any illegal act;

c. any possible damage and rank as behavior;

d. continue to reprint, references, we agreed to others without permission.

5. copyright, or references shall indicate the contents of all "from (or from) sill bearing networkwork", and clearly indicate this website

6.caused by improper for reproduced or quoted this net content of civil disputes and administrative processing or other losses, we do not assume responsibility.

7. such as this net reprint manuscript involves the copyright problem, the author speed calls within one month, please contact the sill bearing networkwork and provide the corresponding proof materials, telephone: 0574-63196918.

8. for not complying with this statement, or other illegal or malicious use of this web content, we reserve the right to pursue its legal responsibility.

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