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Release time:2017-03-17
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User registration is to fill in relevant information in accordance with the registration process of the sill bearing networkwork system, and submit the application to become a sill bearing networkwork user.

Users in the choice of its race and sill bearing networkwork user name, shop name or domain name should comply with national laws and regulations, shall not contain illegal, suspected of infringing the rights of others, contrary to public order and morals or interfere the operation order and other related information website. Users can not modify after registration.


In order to guarantee both sides in the process of trading, follow the rules of the game and bearing network provider to deal with purchasing process, procurement must pay 20% of the total turnover as a guarantee to the platform.According to the game and bearing network service agreements and other provisions, if one party violate the agreement, deposit will be used to pay liquidated damages.Platform margin are better able to quickly build trust between the parties.

No margin will be extracted when the following circumstances occur:

1. ongoing transactions.

2. transaction disputes are occurring and no agreement has been reached between the two parties.

3. other violations

In case of normal trading, the competition and bearing net users can apply for the deposit back at any time. We will review the application within 5 working days.

The store ranking

The sill bearing networkwork will rank the goods, shops and purchasing power of the enterprise, and reserve the right to adjust the rank of the website.

Goods ranking

The quality of the goods, the popularity of the goods, the customer's evaluation, the margin of the shop, the rank of the shop, and other factors will affect the ranking of the goods. After calculating all the factors, the sill bearing neworkt will objectively sort the goods in the enterprise store. If two items of data have the same result, they will be sorted according to the shelf time.

The store ranking

Store rank, store popularity, total amount of store transaction, reputation, price, margin amount of the store and other adjustment factors will influence the rank of the store. After calculating all the factors, the competition and the sill bearing networkwork will sort all the stores. If two items of data have the same result, they will be sorted according to the shelf time.

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